Trump tax cuts present dark cloud for Democrats

The tax cuts President Trump signed into law are now showing up in your paycheck, and for Democrats, that is bad news.

That's because with more money in your pocket, Dr. Vance Ginn with the Texas Public Policy Foundation says you have no motivation to vote for Democrats come Election Day.

“When people see that increase, that will help them to feel better and give them an overall sense of optimism,” Ginn explained.

In other words, the Democrats need the economy to tank in order to win elections, and Ginn says you vote with your financial situation.

“You do see that there are political swings that go along with economic swings,” Ginn stated.

And there is this. While Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called those thousand dollar bonuses you may have gotten as a result of the tax cuts 'crumbs,' she herself is worth almost 30 million dollars, so there is no way for her to fully understand what the extra cash means to you.

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