Report: Refugees Cost American Taxpayers $1.9 Billion Annually

A new report shows Americans are shelling out nearly two billion dollars a year to help resettle refugees and asylum seekers in the united states.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform says that comes out to $15,900 per refugee each year -- or roughly $80,000 over five years.

“That includes Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, and not only do they qualify for these programs once they arrive, but they qualify for the rest of their lives,” says David Ray, communications director for FAIR.

Ray says it's cheaper to resettle them closer to home, but refugee resettlement is a big business in the U.S.

“Resettlement services do make a cut of the money the federal government provides for relocating the refugees here, therefore they do have a cash incentive,” he says.

“For every refugee we resettle in the United States we could be helping between 12 and 14 in their home countries, so this is by far the costliest alternative.”

The report also found just over half of refugees get a job in the first five years, earning less than $11 an hour, so the there is little return on the investment.

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