A Mexican vacay or nightmare

People are planning for Spring Break and summer vacations in Mexico, despite reports of increased cartel violence in Cancun.

Tarleton criminologist Alex Del Carmen said Mexican resorts are typically safe, depending on what part you're visiting and what you're going to do.

“It’s guarded, and it has a fence around and if you don’t leave that general area, you should be fine, but at the same time, if you decide to venture out and go to places that you just don’t know about, I think it can become very dangerous very quickly,” said Del Carmen.

He said you need to be situationally aware and don't do things out of the ordinary like travel at night, alone or on lonely roads.

“They almost become isolated pockets of security in the midst of a warfare. And, so what happens is people come back telling stories about how great it was and how safe they felt, but the reason for that is that they never left the general area where they were actually residing,” said Del Carmen.

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