Social Justice in Schools Boosts Argument for Choice

Public schools across the U.S. are increasingly becoming social justice factories instead of educational institutions.

A Minneapolis suburb changed its mission statement from academic excellence to racial equality.  Others have gone so far to teach kids how to be community organizers.

“There is actually something called the Mikva Challenge in Chicago schools where they actually teach kids how to be community organizers in their own school to get a seat at the table to try to change things in their schools,” says Lennie Jarratt, project manager for the Center for Transforming Education at the Heartland Institute

He says it only strengthens the argument for school choice.

“Parents don't want politics in the classroom, they want education,” he says.  “And if they're not going to get education, they're going to want their kids to go where they can actually be educated and the focus is on education instead of social justice.”

Even Texas is not immune.

“CSCOPE was actually the precursor to Common Core, so even though Texas doesn't officially have Common Core, it has the precursor and how Common Core was created came from CSCOPE,” says Jarratt.

He says the only solution for parents is to pull their kids from public schools.

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