POLL: What’s more important to team USA, medals or diversity?

The Winter Olympic Games start later this week in South Korea and it seems like the U.S. Olympic Committee is more concerned about diversity than they are about taking home the gold.

Officials with the USOC are talking in glowing terms about Team USA's diversity, with a team that includes more African Americans. But they still say they aren't where they want to be. Some wonder whether it should be more about winning, though.

“It’s a joke that the USOC would even try to attempt some diversity program when it comes to the winter Olympics. It’s difficult, especially for Black Americans, to participate in the winter sports,” Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani of Raging Elephants explained to KTRH News.

Kamau-Imani also says it seems to him that the USOC's priorities are misplaced, and that they forget the role sports play in diversity.

“We do have admirable diversity compared to fifty, 60 years ago. The U.S. is doing a fantastic job. Athletics, when it comes to diversity, has always led the way,” Kamau-Imani said.

And you'll notice the conversation about diversity didn't come up during the 2016 Summer Olympics, where 23% of Team USA was African American.

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