Big names moving out of brands

According to an Edelman survey, “successful entrepreneurs” were more credible to represent companies than celebrities.

It seems like more and more big and small companies are moving away from celebrities and towards real people with real values to push their products.

American Marketing Association, Houston Chapter's Camille Corales says it's an up and coming trend.

“We as consumers will connect more with people who have been in our shoes,” said Corales.

United Entertainment Group's CEO Jarrod Moses said cost comes into play, too.

“It is all about authenticity and execution, and the message,” said Moses.

He said there's more responsibility and hard work to get the message with an every day person to relate to the consumer.

Pennebaker consultant Richard Byrd said it's more authentic when people associate their own personal brands with their products.

“A lot of times the brand of the personality and the brand that they’re trying to promote were out of whack and it seemed inauthentic,” said Byrd.

American Marketing Association's Russ Klein said peer to peer relationships have become richer.

“The bottom line is these people trust one another more than they trust celebrities, or inanimate brands, or other traditional sources of authority,” said Klein.

He said customers have evolved to take charge and cut out intermediaries...while smart brands are involving customers as co-creators of the brand and product design.

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