There could be backlash against the #MeToo movement

For months now we have been hearing about the #MeToo movement. It is having an impact, but some of those impacts have been negative.

We have heard from women lobbyists who say men won't meet with them privately out of fear. Karlyn Bowman with the American Enterprise Institute tells KTRH a new poll shows just how divided things really are when it comes to #MeToo.

“Nationally 29% said it hadn’t gone far enough. 34% said it had been about right, and 32% said it had gone too far,” Bowman explained.

Some think backlash is inevitable, because if you are accused of harassment today, even for something that happened years ago, the consequences are severe.

“Some of the minor behaviors, some of the flirtatious and other behaviors, the norms have changed over time, no question,” Bowman said.

The problem now, Bowman says, is that when the accusation comes out years later, the person accused is automatically assumed guilty, and that there is no due process.

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