Siri and Alexa

Could telling Siri or Alexa to make your grocery shopping list be dangerous to your privacy?  Probably not yet.  Networking Consultant Thomas Rush says it is, however, important to remember that they are both listening, “all the time. They never don’t listen unless you cut their power off.”

He continued to warn that in the future those who have lots of personal information on their home network should be especially careful. “I’m sure eventually there will be hacks to use these devices to get personal information about you – whether it be that you just bought paper towels or something more sinister.”

The next time you talk to your electronic “friend” – why not ask her to sing “Happy Birthday” to you or to tell you “something interesting.”  Click here to find a list of other great things to ask. 

According to Jack Narcotta, Analyst for Smart Home, in the future you could give her a more practical task. “You could tell Siri, ‘I’m going to bed.’ Then doors will lock, lights will turn off, security cameras will turn on and the thermostat will change to night time temperatures.” Sounds kind of spooky – doesn’t it?!?

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