ICE makes an adjustment in enforcing Immigration Law

Some cities -- but none in Texas at the moment -- appear headed for a showdown with the feds over detaining illegal alien criminals. Because some county jails won't release the illegals to ICE, ICE agents are now targeting those criminals in court houses.

Breitbart Texas' Bob Price says ICE director Thomas Homan is doing the right thing.

"I wanna praise director Homan for being aggressive and enforcing the law; it's been a long time since the federal government has done its job of securing the border and enforcing immigration law."

Price says the order makes sense because it's about ICE agent's safety.

"If you can't pick up the illegal immigrants at the jails, while they're in custody, then the courthouse is probably the next safest place because they've been through metal detectors."

Price says there are judges and sheriffs, particularly in California, who seem determined to get themselves arrested for their sanctuary city policies. But, for the moment, Harris County is not being a troublemaker.

"The Harris County jail -- the sheriff is still fully complying with ICE agents. He ended the 287g program but he still left the ICE agents in the jail, working in the jail, so he kind of pulled a head fake on his supporters there and he's still fully cooperating."

Price says more showdowns and possible arrests for judges and sheriffs are on the way, including the sheriff in Austin, who's flirted with possible arrest in the past.

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