The Best Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

College is assumed these days.  It’s a given that every young person today is going to need a college education, and possibly the student debt that comes with it, if they are to get ahead in this world.

Not so, says Houston business consultant Garrison Wynn.  Vocational training will be the gateway to a comfortable life for some.

“The reason that trade schools are going to be so important is because we have a big issue.  There are not enough people to fill these labor jobs,” he tells KTRH News.  He is talking about jobs in manufacturing, H-Vac, plumbing, carpentry, construction, and says the problem will snowball.  “In ten years there is going to be gigantic problem.  Right now even as we speak there are companies that cannot fill the jobs they have.”

A selection of those jobs and the annual salary they command is listed in this article in Forbes Magazine. A job repairing and installing elevators is listed at $73,560 a year.

New Mexico recently became the first state to require that high school graduates sign up for college or vocational training.

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