It’s Time to Make Your 2018 Travel Plans

The start of a new year and a clean slate for vacation plans.  What are you going to do and where are you going to go?

If it involves airfare, travel expert George Hobica explains that “dynamic pricing,” new to airlines, could impact what you pay for a plane ticket.  “One passenger searching for an airfare might see a completely different fare than I would see, even if we were looking at exactly the same time,” he says.  New technology will allow them airlines to immediately access your travel history and determine what your business is worth to them.  “Different passengers will be seeing different fares based on who they are, based on previous shopping experiences, perhaps based on their frequent flier status.”

He explains it here.

Cruising will continue their uptick in popularity, suggests Sheila Benoit with Woodlake Travel.  “More and more clients are training to retire earlier and take longer trips and they see the advantage of unpacking once,” she tells KTRH News, suggesting river cruises in Europe becoming an increasingly popular choice.

And for train buffs, Amtrak reported their best month ever last November.

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