Democrats still won’t give Trump any credit

Even though the economy continues to give the President good news, Democrats refuse to tip their caps to Donald Trump.

The jobs numbers that just came out on Friday were good, and the tax bill is giving people more money in their pocket. But Houston Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez told KTRH Democrats believe there's a catch to those thousand dollar bonuses you keep hearing about.

“It’s created a trillion dollar deficit. We are borrowing from the future to give people bonuses,” Tameez stated.

But that's just one side of the issue. The other side is more money in your pocket. Political analyst Jim McGrath says the Democrats could have a problem in the midterms if they continue to hate on the President.

“Their emotions are getting the better of their judgment. They are sacrificing their credibility,” McGrath said.

In other words, the wave you keep hearing the mainstream media rooting for in November may not happen because of this.

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