Houston Texans Hit with #MeToo Suit

A former Houston Texans employee is suing the organization,alleging they failed to act on her claims of sexual harassment.  


The former Director of Football Operations,Jason Lowrey, has also been named in the suit. 


Kristen Grimes, who was hired by the team in2013, claims in court papers that she was constantly harassed by Lowrey, adding that it was well known throughout the organization that he "treated female employees inappropriately and wrongfully for his own pleasure."


Grimes’ attorney Scott Hunziker tells our TV partner KPRC Channel 2, "When shes ought the help that you would expect to receive from the organization, she didn't get it… It was anything but. They didn't take the disciplinary action that you would think, that you would expect, or that you would hope for. And instead it was a matter of a bad check mark in the file and they moved on. And unfortunately this was something that had been prevalent within that organization with this individual and she should've been protected."


According to the lawsuit, Grimes was “constructively terminated” from her position.  Lowrey left the organization in January.

The team issued a statement Friday:


We are aware that a lawsuit was filed earlier today against the Houston Texans alleging, among other things, that the Club failed to properly investigate and respond to a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee in November 2016. The Houston Texans take complaints of this nature seriously. Consistent with Club policy, this matter was promptly investigated and addressed at the time the complaint was made. We will vigorously defend ourselves against this litigation.”

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