Super Bowl food trends

We're getting ready for the biggest sporting event of the year and a new survey breaks down our Favorite Super Bowl Foods & Top Trends.

Shopping expert Sarah Hollenbeck said Texas consumers spend about $59 for the Super Bowl. That’s eight-dollars more than the national average. The survey found that the average consumer spends $51.68 on Super Bowl-related purchases, up an increase of 40% from last year’s $37 spending average.

“Texas has always been big on the Super Bowl. And, they’re definitely looking to spend more money on food and drinks to be able to enjoy the game a little bit more since none of our teams are playing this year,” said Hollenback.

She said the majority of Texas citizens (46%) favor pizza as their favorite Super Bowl food, followed by wings (36%), dip (29%) and nachos (23%). Queso took the top spot for Texas’ favorite dip (45%) for the Super Bowl, followed by guacamole( 40%), ranch (22%).

“Thirty-seven percent of Texas consumers are watching the Super Bowl for the game itself. But, 27-percent are way more excited for the commercials and 12-percent are just excited about all the food they’re going to get to eat,” said Hollenback.

She said most of us are staying at home this year. When we have a team in the big game, then people head out to the bars.

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