Super Bowl ads to be heavy on comedy

Last year’s Super Bowl featured a lot of commercials that touched on politics amid President Trump taking office as President. This Super Bowl Sunday, things might very well be different.

We are expecting a heavy emphasis on comedy. For instance, Danny DeVito plays a human M&M in one commercial. Syracuse's Bob Thompson told KTRH advertisers have to try and satisfy everybody, so expect more light hearted commercials.

“If you’re going to pay $5 million for a thirty second commercial you want to get your money’s worth and you certainly don’t want to offend anybody,” Thompson explained.

But some on the left are upset because women may not be featured. In fact, the 'Me Too' movement may not be mentioned.

“Some have said we are going to see fewer women. It will be interesting to see how the advertising industry decided to respond to the cultural climate we have in February of 2018,” Thompson said.

There will be one ad that hits home. Budweiser focused their effort on helping Hurricane victims here in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

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