Facebook followers trending down

Multiple reports show in the past six months, the number of Facebook users, or minutes spent on the site in the U.S. are declining.

Now, Facebook executives are looking to downplay content from brands and media, instead emphasizing posts from friends and family.

It was after Facebook's study in December that using its app passively (reading others posts without contributing or reacting) had a harmful impact on people's mental health, that the founder decided to focus on creating more "meaningful social interactions" for users.

With more and more people taking a break from Facebook, social media expert Crystal Washington said it’s because the changes over the years where Facebook has tried to curate our social experiences.

“With Facebook’s algorithm changes over the years, you’re seeing a very small fraction of the people you’re connected to. And, oftentimes the things that you are seeing, aren’t particularly meaningful to you and you see a lot of the trivial things, a lot of the political posts,” said Washington.

New platforms coming down the pipeline will revolve around us having better relationships with people we have in real life.

Washington said younger folks are trending more to social networks that allow them to connect with friends they already have in real life.

“These iGen, or GenZs never have privacy. These are the kids that were born in the hospital and were immediately put on Facebook while they were still sticky,” said Washington.

Facebook as a company isn't going anywhere because they own so many different brands, but as a platform, it will probably be used less.

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