No Sunday Shopping in Poland

The president of Poland has signed a law that will prevent shopkeepers from opening their doors on Sundays BY 2020.

It’s a throwback to a simpler time when countries with roots in Christianity forbade commerce on Sunday, the U.S. among them. 

Poland’s president says the change will improve the quality of life for workers, allowing more time with family.

It’s not likely to jump the Atlantic Ocean and come stateside, though.

“I doubt that American business will follow that pattern simply because the economic stakes are too high,” says Ron Newton, a business and employment consultant from Dallas. 

He probably right.  Texas still has remnants of the old Blue Laws that used to be common across the county, now only limiting the number of weekend days for car salespeople and when liquor can be purchased.  New Jersey was the last state to have a county that forbade Sunday shopping – and that law changed two years ago.

At a time when retailers are learning to live in an Amazon-driven world of e-commerce, they’re not likely to want to give up a day of profits.

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