Shelling out $$$$ for our fur babies

A study by VIP Petcare found the average pet owner spends more than $2,000 every year per pet. In a decade, that's more than $20K.

If you’re a pet parent, what wouldn’t you spend to take care of your furry baby?

Houston Pet Talk Publisher Michelle Mantor said we include pets in our family photos, even take them on vacation. Healthcare is the number one expense.

“It is often an unforeseen expense whereas the other expenses you know how much food you’re going to buy, you don’t have to buy that sweater,” said Mantor. “If you have one or more pets, or that’s an issue, pet insurance is always a good idea.”

She said those are often costs that can be avoided by annual exams.

Outside of healthcare, we have a tendency to spoil our pets.

“They also buy lots of fun treats and birthday cakes and lots of toys because they think it makes their pet happy,” said Mantor.

And why invest so much in them?

“They don’t judge us, they don’t ask us for money, they don’t cheat on us, they don’t make us feel unimportant, and they don’t keep score and they’re always waiting for us,” said Mantor.

The survey found:

  • the average owner spends about $300 on pet’s wardrobe and grooming each year, as well as roughly $300 on unexpected health care costs.

three-fourths of the Millennials surveyed believe that there are similarities to raising a pet and raising a child.

three-fourths report becoming happier after adopting a pet, and 68 percent believe the animal gives them comfort.

Mantor added to remember to spend your money and time on rescue shelters and animals that haven’t found their forever home, yet. She recommends for every pet you have at home, think about donating a minute or dollar to the rescue community.

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