POLL: Medical Skepticism --- Good or Bad?!?

KTRH's Medical Expert Dr. Joe Galati says some healthy skepticism is a good thing, but can get out of hand.

“It gets crazy when you see a patient who follows something he found on the web and endangers his own or a loved one’s health.”

Some parents even refuse to have their children vaccinated after they heard about the so-called “vaccination-autism link” in children.  Galati sees some dangerous results.

“Many good research sources concluded that the link was not valid. Many of the vaccinations children receive have been keeping American children alive and healthy for up to 50 years.  Now we are seeing diseases in children we haven’t seen in decades!”

“Before you go to uncertain sources, see your trusted medical care professionals. Come with a list of questions and don’t leave until you get answers. You’ll be healthier for it.”

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