Media companies dominate list of America’s most polarizing brands

A survey shows that mainstream media companies are dominating a new list ranking the most polarizing brands in the United States.

Morning Consult put the list of the 30 most polarizing brands together. Eighteen of them are media companies. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center tells KTRH this proves the media needs Trump and not the other way around.

“If they don’t have somebody famous who is drawing attention to them, they are really out to lunch. They need him more than he needs them,” Gainor explained.

CNN leads the list of these 18 media brands. They are number two on the list overall. Gainor says he's glad you finally understand just how bad CNN is when it comes to covering this President.

“They are the single most polarizing media brand in the country; far and away worse than Fox,” Gainor stated.

Fox is third on the list overall. MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC and CBS News all made the top 10.

Morning Consult conducted this survey between last October and January second. They say between one thousand and 30,000 people took part in this survey online.

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