What Ever Happened to the Tea Party Movement?

With the Texas primary fast approaching and high-profile races shaping up for the mid-terms, we've heard little if anything from the Tea Party movement.

Felicia Cravens founded the Houston Tea Party Society, and says for the most part, it accomplished what it set out to do back in 2009.

“Our goal was to get people involved in the parties themselves, to be able to go in together in a way that would powerful enough to make a difference, and a lot of people did, we trained hundreds of people,” she says.

However, Cravens says she and other Tea Party advocates feel like their message was somewhat hijacked by ranking members of the GOP.

“I think people that are in leadership definitely noticed the trend that Tea Party started and jumped ahead of it, I don't know that they're necessarily completely sincere about Tea Party values though.”

She's not altogether happy with Republican leadership in Austin, or Washington for that matter.

“The ideas are still being discussed, the pushes for liberty and smaller government are still out there,” she says.  “Personally, I've been very disappointed in the progress we've made, but it's a very big boulder to roll.”

Cravens says some Tea Party groups remain very active, but no longer seek or attain the attention received during President Barack Obama's tenure.

She herself it focusing more of her time now on fake news, and working on strategies to both recognize and combat the spread of false messages.

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