Trump White House to release Immigration, DACA framework today

The White House today is expected to release the framework for the President’s immigration proposal today, and many on the right are not thrilled with what could be coming.

The proposal apparently would provide a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people in exchange for $25 billion worth of border wall funding. The path to citizenship doesn't sit well with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“I think it would be a serious mistake for us to pass an amnesty bill providing amnesty and a path to citizenship for millions of people here illegally along with chain migration,” Cruz explained to reporters last week at the end of the federal government shutdown.

Hans von Spakovsky with the Heritage Foundation tells KTRH this is not a deal he'd sign off on, and that the 1.8 million number might be low.

“Every time in the past there have been estimates on how many folks would get amnesty or how many people are eligible for DACA, the estimates are always under the actual number,” he explained.

And that lawmakers should put the dreams of American citizens first.

“The people that are hurt by that the most are blue collar Americans. They are the ones whose jobs are taken away,” von Spakovsky explained, and saying that blue collar Americans are also going to lose out on wage growth because of a proposed deal like this.

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