‘Trump Trauma’ is crippling the mainstream media

The constant attacks by the mainstream media continue at a fever pitch. If you need proof of that just watch cable news for about five minutes and you’ll have all the proof you need. And you’ll also realize these attacks show no signs of slowing down at all.

Fox News' Howard Kurtz has a new book about this, and he calls the compulsion by the mainstream media to constantly and furiously attack him 'Trump Trauma.' Brian Maloney with the Media Equalizer told KTRH Kurtz is 100 percent right.

“In Trump’s case this they have escalated it to a point where it is completely ridiculous,” Maloney said, adding he thinks this all helps Trump because once an attack is used they can't use it again.

Republican strategist Debbie Georgatos agrees and says the constant attacks on Trump are making you think critically about the mainstream media.

“For people who don’t pay a lot of attention to politics and the media, they are hearing and starting to examine this with fresh eyes and asking what the media is really reporting on,” Georgatos explained, adding that the Trump base likes the way he talks, and looks at the mainstream media attacks as nonsense and negativity.

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