Texas rated best state to be a driver

WalletHub reports in its 2018's Best & Worst States to Drive in, Texas is number one in driver friendly.

2nd – Car Dealerships per Capita

3rd – Avg. Gas Prices

6th – Auto-Repair Shops per Capita

21st – Auto-Maintenance Costs

22nd – Road Quality

28th – Share of Rush-Hour Traffic Congestion

28th – Traffic Fatality Rate

WalletHub used 23 key metrics, including gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion and road quality.

Wallet Hub's Jill Gonzalez said the commute time is average.

All the roads throughout the entire state were factored in.

“Texas also ranked well when it comes to safety. It has really low traffic fatality rates from accidents, lower car theft and larceny rates. And, what that does is drive down the price of a lot of these vehicles,” said Gonzalez.

U.S. traffic congestion costing the average driver $1,400 per year.

She said Texas is also a cost-effect state to be a driver.

“Gas prices are unbeatable in Texas. Car insurance premiums are also lower in Texas, as well as just auto maintenance costs,” said Gonzalez.

The American Transportation Research Institute released its 2018 Top 100 Truck Bottleneck List of the most congested bottleneck for trucks in America. Texas has the most congested bottleneck for trucks in the nation.

The data found that the 11 worst bottlenecks in Texas are:

No. 18 Houston: I-10 at I-45

No. 19 Houston: I-45 at US 59

No. 23 Houston: I-10 at US 59

No. 41 Houston: I-45 at I-610 (North)

No. 48 Houston: I-10 at I-610 (West)

No. 58 Houston: I-610 at US 290

No. 93 Houston: I-610 at US 59 (West)

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