Bored on the Job? You're (Yawn) Not Alone

Is the thrill gone at work?

In a survey from OfficeTeam, professionals admit they’re "bored" in the office an average of 10.5 hours per week.

That’s more than one day per week, or the equivalent of 68 days a year,

Also,  2 in 5 employees (40 percent) said it’s likely they’d quit their job if they felt bored at work.

A few more stats from the survey: 

--Managers estimate their staff is likely bored about 6 hours each week.

--Male workers and those ages 18 to 34 are bored the most per week (12 hours and 14 hours, respectively).

--Men (46 percent) and employees ages 18-34 (52 percent) are most likely to quit if bored.

Border is also seasonal, according to the study.

While 45 percent of professionals are equally bored throughout the year, another 28 percent said work is most tedious during the winter.

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