POLL: Should a woman be in charge of the NFL?

The National Football League has had a terrible PR problem for the last couple of years. It has led to a decline in television ratings. There is the suggestion out there that maybe a woman should be in charge of the league, and that doing that would help solve the problems the league currently faces.

At least that’s the headline of an editorial NFL agent Kelli Masters wrote for Fox News. But Masters told KTRH that the headline is deceiving; that she’s actually not saying a woman should be the next NFL Commissioner.

“That was definitely not the tone of my opinion. It was simply that I think we should involve everyone in the decision making process, and by doing that you will have better outcomes,” Masters explained.

This editorial has sparked a debate about the ‘Me Too’ movement, and whether or not it has gotten out of hand. Masters admits that maybe it has.

“It almost undermines the fact that diversity is important,” Masters stated.

Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon tells KTRH the answer to everything can't simply be to hire a woman.

“As conservatives we are always very weary of affirmative action in any scenario,” Colon explained. “Just hiring a woman is not going to be a panacea, and it could almost be looked at as patronizing or pandering.”

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