Men Are On Their Way to Extinction

Men, your days are numbered.

The “Y” chromosome that determines male gender has been shrinking as time has gone by, and by using the rate at which it is getting smaller, researchers in Kent, England have extrapolated that the “Y” chromosome will disappear completely and eliminate males altogether in the next four-and-a-half million years.

Enjoy it while you got it, guys.

None of that is disturbing Harry Crouch, president of the National Coalition for Men. “I would think in four-and-a-half million years nobody today is going to be around to worry about it,” he suggests, asking, “Did somebody actually get paid money to do a research study on something like this?”

Apparently so, but don’t worry; it won’t trouble men for too long.

 The research detailing the future extinction of men is found in an article in The Conversation, based on information from Dr. Peter Ellis and Professor Darren Griffin from the University of Kent.

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