Intense religiosity growing among US Christians

New research reports religiosity in the United States is growing “persistent and exceptional intensity”.

Scholars from Harvard and Indiana universities said unlike other parts of the world, Americans are more religious. Texas Pastor Council's Dave Welch agreed moderate religion is declining.

But, intense religious belief and practice among Christians is increasing.

“In Revelation, He would prefer that we not be lukewarm. He would spew us out of his mouth that he’d rather be hot or cold, if you will. Lukewarm is really equal to moderate, and moderate means that I really don’t believe anything really strongly,” said Welch.

Welch says the younger generations are less "intense" about religion.

“The hope that we ultimately have, is that the Bible, for example, those who believe in it and the hope that it brings is deliverance, it’s freedom. It’s hope for the future,” said Welch

He said one in three Americans are praying multiple times a day, which is more than five times the average across the world.

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