Don’t Forget To Take Care of Your Brain

To best care for our bodies, we’re all well-schooled in the need to eat properly, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. 

That’s also the best advice to care for your brain, the one organ in the body most often neglected.

“Brain health all starts with your sleep and your diet.  That’s you foundation, because if you’re sleep deprived and nutritionally deficient your brain is going to have a hard time working as well as it could,” advises Leigh Richardson, founder of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas. 

If you’re not getting enough nutrition from food choices, take supplements.  Make sure your diet is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, including eggs, milk, nuts and salmon.

Online brain exercise games for older people have proliferated, and while she says they are good and useful, suggests they won’t ward off dementia or the impact of aging on the brain.  “They will not change your brain, but it’s an exercise,” she says.  And all exercise is good.

Sleep is essential for the brain to replenish neurons. 

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