Middle age you warning for when you get older

Listen up if you're middle-aged.

If you don't get more active and moving around now, that could really hurt you as you get older.

A new study warns millions people over the age of 65 will be susceptible to diabetes type 2, cancer, dementia or arthritis. Association of Mature American Citizens’ Dan Weber says this happens as people get more successful in life and more comfortable.

“We stopped doing a lot of the manual chores that we used to do. We hire people to cut our lawn, we hire somebody to clean our house, we hire somebody to take care of the kids. So we don’t burn up the calories that we used to do,” said Weber

The study warns within 20 years you could be at risk for those serious diseases.

He said people need to make getting physical fun.

“We’ve gotta find ways of encouraging people to live life the way they’re supposed to. We’re living longer, why not live longer and be healthy?,” said Weber.

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