POLL: Physical or fiscal infidelity worse?

Which is worse cheating on your mate with someone else, or cheating about your finances?

CreditCards.com's survey found out that 15 million people are found to be hiding a bank or credit card account from their partner.

“Keeping financial secrets in a relationship, just like any other type of infidelity, is a sure-fire way to spark an argument,” said CreditCards.com senior industry analyst Matt Schulz. “Honest ongoing communication about money is vital to any serious relationship. When in doubt, talk it out.”

Thirty-one percent of those in a relationship think that keeping a credit card, checking account or savings account secret from a partner is worse than cheating physically.

“So many people are living on a budget and living paycheck to paycheck that even a small financial secret or a small financial misstep can really have a significant impact on your financial situation,” said Schulz.

He said 11-percent of all couples say they never discuss their combined finances.

There's a big generational split when it comes to finding out if physical infidelity is worse than financial infidelity.

Schulz said Millennials and those over the age of 70 were the most likely to view financial infidelity worse.

“And, that makes sense to a degree because those two generations are probably the most likely to be lower income or on a fixed income, so every financial secret and every financial issue really matters,” said Schulz.

Only 52-percent strongly believe that their spouse or partner is honest with them about money.

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