Government Shutdown Could Backfire Against Democrats

The government shutdown was short, but it could leave a lasting impression on voters this November.

Beneath the finger pointing on Capitol Hill, one thing remains clear, Senate Democrats refused to pass a spending bill without amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

“Just a couple years ago, Chuck Schumer called shutdown threats the politics of idiocy and governmental chaos and yet he turns around when there's a Republican president in the White House and does the exact same thing,” says Bob Salera with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Salera voters remember who was ultimately behind the shutdown.

“I think you need to take the Democrats' word for it that they shut the government down over immigration because they were bragging about it just last week that was their plan,” he says.

It could spell doom for Democrats seeking re-election this year in Trump-held states and those possibly trying to unseat President Trump.

“You have all of these Senate Democrats who are going to run for president in 2020 and are trying to out-liberal one another, it's driving the entire party and Senate to the left and putting these red state Democrats in a tough spot, though they're not trying that hard to get out of it,” says Salera.

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