Border Wall Funding Remains in Limbo

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is pulling his border wall offer to President Trump.  The Senate's ranking Democrat said he offered to put wall funding on the table as part of a negotiation to protect Dreamers.

“He didn't do that, so we're going to have to start on a new basis and the wall offer is off the table,” Schumer told reporters Tuesday.

“If Senator Schumer takes something off the table, I'm sure that we'll take something off the table,” South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham shot back.

The White House claims Schumer's offer "never existed" because you can't rescind funding that wasn't approved in the first place.

Meanwhile, several wall prototypes remain sitting in the desert with no plan in sight.  Curtis Collier at U.S. Border Watch remains hopeful lawmakers can get it together.

“It's just a shell game they're playing, constantly moving the goal posts,” he says.  “They really don't want any solution to the immigration problem, it's something we've been fighting over all the way back before the 1980s.”

President Trump has insisted on border wall funding as a key part of any deal on immigration reform.

“It has become a political football and nobody in Washington on either political party really thinks about the American people,” says Collier.  “They think about themselves, they think about reelection and what they look like on TV.”

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