Are American Tech Workers Lazy

In a Financial Times article, Top Tech Venture Capitalist Michael Moritz says American tech workers are lazy compared to those in China.

Dr. David Schein of the University of St.Thomas says one problem in his theory is that he's pinpointing workers specifically in California.

“Many of the things he mentions revolve around Silicone Valley practices which are very different from those we have here in Houston, Texas. That’s why a lot of businesses are moving to Texas.”

Schein says comparing Chinese tech workers to American tech workers is like comparing apples to oranges.

“Chinese workers are happy to work long hours because they are working to move into the middle class.”

Moritz is actually questioning the American Work Ethic. Dr. Schein has another idea.

“I think the American work ethic is still there --- but it’s more about productivity. If you have a person in a creative position who can work for 4 hours and come up with the next great smart phone – that’s better than someone who works 10 or 12 hours just to be able to wave a flag and say, ‘I was here longer.’”

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