Amazon In Your Future

Amazon is in the forefront of new uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI). For example, they just opened a “cashier free” grocery store in Seattle!  Tech Expert and Radio Host Kim Komando has her own ideas about what Amazon will accomplish in your future.

“Amazon will go from a shopping and then shipping company to a shipping then shopping company.  Imagine that the AI on is so perfect that they actually know what I will want before I even before I do! They will ship it to me, and I can send it back if I don’t want it!”

Amazon isn’t the only company into Artificial Intelligence. Komando says  “It’s all over!  And it’s not just Alexa and Siri. Non-tech companies are investing big money in it. Non-tech companies like Ford and GM have spent billions to acquire AI companies. John Deere spent 300 million on one.”

Going to be an interesting future!

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