The Corporate Tax cut could bring a lot of money back to the U.S.

Apple says it's moving some of its support staff -- but not the plants that make the iPhone -- back to the U.S. What if other companies did the same, now that the corporate tax rate has been slashed?

Houston economist John Bott says Apple and others are encouraged by the pro-business Trump administration.

"It's not only cheaper tax rates but you also get the idea you're gonna get less regulation."

Bott says it's time for U.S. companies to stop using third world labor to save money.

"I'm kinda thinking that America needs to that now, take care of America first and forget about the rest of the world. If we do well, the rest of the world will do well."

Apple says it'll spend $30-billion in the U.S. on new data centers and other facilities and create 20,000 new jobs.

Apple's biggest competitor, Samsung, builds many of its phones in its home country of South Korea. 

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