Scientists say adulthood doesn’t start until the age of 24

Scientists are now claiming that being an adult doesn’t really start until a person reaches the age of 24.

The claim by these scientists is made because they feel the brain still matures after the age of 20. Gabrielle Bosche with 'The Millennial Solution' tells KTRH 24 year olds today just don't think the way you or your parents did at that age.

“One of the most challenging things a 24 year old today is facing is what filter to put on their Snapchat,” Bosche said.

We've told you in the past that people are waiting to get married later in life and that they live with their parents until they are older, too. So how does this affect our culture?

“They have missed out on a huge opportunity to be really gritty and be really creative with not only how to make money, but how to find out whom they are,” Bosche explained.

This is different from older generations, some of whom lied about their age so they could go and fight in World War II.

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