Nasty flu virus twice as deadly this year

As the death toll reaches 120, the flu has hit highest levels since 2011, healthcare workers are still urging you to get the flu shot.

The Center for Disease Control warns the nasty H3N2, now dubbed the “Aussie flu” as about 100 people died a week since mid-December.

The latest CDC numbers show 759 flu deaths between October seventh and December 23rd. This is double the number of flu deaths from the same period last year, with 322 reported deaths. Galveston County Health District's Scott Packard said they’re seeing this trend, as well.

“So far this season, we’ve had 3,100 confirmed cases of the flu reported to our health department and that’s compared to just 362 during the same period last season,” said Packard.

He said you need to get the flu shot every season. They're now even offering free flu shots.

“It is not too late to get the flu shot. The flu shot remains the best way to protect yourself from the flu. A lot of folks don’t understand if you get the shot and you still end up getting the flu, your symptoms will likely be much less severe than if you didn’t have the vaccination,” said Packard.

While the government was shut down, the CDC was not able to support its annual seasonal flu program and outbreak detection.

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