Happiest places to work in US

We easily spend 40 hours a week working, why not be happy while you're there? Recruiting website

Career Bliss recently released it’s eighth annual list of the 50 Happiest Companies in America.

They found 10 key factors that determine workplace happiness:

  • company culture
  • growth opportunities
  • people you work with
  • person you work for
  • rewards you receive
  • support you get
  • the way you work
  • work setting
  • CEO rating
  • overall company rating

Move over Google, Amazon and Facebook, make room for American Express, Apple, Microsoft and Nike. Challenger, Grey and Christmas VP Andrew Challenger said happiness is not just about salary.

“Today, people are really looking for companies that have a great culture where they have some autonomy in their jobs, some flexibility—where they’re working, when they’re working, as well as a higher sense of purpose—when they can feel connected to the end product that the company is selling and they get to see how it makes an impact in the world,” said Challenger.

He said Millennials, which are the largest workforce right now, aren't happy if they don't have feedback.

“In companies today when they’re not getting feedback, maybe until the end of the quarter or even only twice a year from their bosses, it just feels like they’re not getting enough input into the job that they’re doing,” said Challenger.

Past generations were working 9-5, while nowadays, we're answering e-mails and working from home at all hours of the night.

Happier at Work's Pamela Gail Johnson says maybe it’s your co-workers who make you happy.

“If you’ve got relationships with them and you enjoy them, that can make all the difference in the world,” said Johnson.

She adds over the past 50 years, people had a different mentality going to work for one employer from which they planned to retire. Now, the average Millennial will have at least five employers.

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