POLL: Social media still is biased against conservatives

Social media sites like Facebook, despite the criticism, keeps doing what they have been doing for years; showing bias against conservatives.

Content put out by conservatives like Fox's Todd Starnes, despite his having over 250 thousand followers, is only seen by a fraction of those people. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review tells KTRH this is a violation of basic rights.

“The First Amendment normally just applies to government. But Facebook has become a public utility. Should we allow them to dictate what ideas are allowed in their marketplace,” Polland asked.

But some conservatives are fighting back. Google is being sued by a former employee who alleges bias against conservatives, and Polland says conservatives could leave social media because of this.

“If people come to believe that these major social media sites are not to be trusted, they aren’t going to go there anymore,” Polland explained.

Elsewhere, Project Veritas released undercover video showing Twitter employees talking about how they make it tougher for you to find content from conservatives.

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