What is the Best Age to Be?

If you could get into Mr. Peabody’s Way-back Machine, what age would you chose to be?  Or would you go forward in time?  Is there an optimal age in life?

Not really, it turns out.

Dr. Deepa Iyengar, a family physician with UT Health and UT Physicians, says if you eat properly, exercise regularly, and take care of yourself, any age that you are not six feet under is a pretty good age to be.  “The key is that at every age you need to take care of yourself where you are,” she says.

A 2013 Gallup poll asked people if health were not an issue what age would you chose to be?  The top answer was 50, though men chose 47 on average and women 53.

Skills and abilities will ebb and flow with life. 

The ability to process information will never get better than when you are 18 or 19.  The most advantageous years to marry are between 28 and 32, but the best years to have a child is under 32 so get to work on that as soon after the wedding as possible. Financial literacy peaks at age 50, but your mastery of vocabulary and language not until late 60’s or early 70’s.

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