POLL: Should the drunk driving threshold be lowered?

The threshold for drunk driving is now at 0.08. But there is a group that wants to lower that.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine says the new threshold should be at 0.05. HPD's Art Acevedo thinks it should be considered.

“When you look at the scientific data on it, it is probably a fact that at 0.05 we are probably impaired and should not be driving,” Acevedo stated.

A new Utah law lowers the drunk driving threshold to 0.05 later this year.

John McNamee with Mothers Against Drunk Driving tells KTRH wants to monitor that.

“MADD supports the current laws, but the best choice is never to drink and drive,” McNamee said.

Will it impact local restaurants if we get that in Texas? Restaurant owner Tony Vallone doesn't think so, but it's getting a lot of talk.

“We were discussing that after we saw it on television. It’s something we are going to have to pay attention to,” Vallone told KTRH News.

Adding that if we get a 0.05 law, servers will now have to judge if you should have another drink or not.

“You aggravate some people when you caution them,” Vallone explained.

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