Scandals and Lawsuits for Apple

One of the lawyers who have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple over the slowing-down-old-phones scandal wants Apple to be forced to save the old batteries as potential evidence.

Tech writer Matt Granite says this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

"This is not a good situation for Apple; the fact that this has been made as public as it is and there's such an awareness tied to this, they're backpedaling."

Granite says consumers expect more from Apple.

"There's many other companies that employ practices that are far more questionable; it's the fact that it is Apple and they are supposedly always working for the good of the consumer and they are a PR magnet."

Some suspect not only has apple been slowing down older phones, they've been recycling old batteries in new devices.

"I think we're gonna see several more public apologies where it's not even quite clear what Apple is apologizing for; I think we're gonna see many more class action suits and lawsuits from companies that repair iPhones and third party resellers."

And as if all that wasn't enough, Apple now needs to patch a text message vulnerability. A message containing a link to a particular web site can crash your iPhone just by receiving it. That's because the iOS message app previews web links before you open the text.

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