People of faith in medical industry get support from president

Health workers who have religious or moral objections to performing services like abortions or sex-change operations, will now be protected.

The Little Sisters of the Poor secured a victory at the Supreme Court to not to have to distribute abortion inducing birth control.

First Liberty Institute’s Ken Klukowski applauded the Trump administration for following through.

“These protections should not be necessary, but unfortunately, they are,” said Klukowski. “And, it’s wonderful to see this president in this HHS and its Civil Rights Office taking the lead to protect well-meaning people of faith.”

KTRH’s Dr. Joe Galati said it's a good idea for physicians to have this protection.

“You should have the ability in whatever your religious beliefs are to follow them in your line of work,” said Galati. “If you’re a physician and you have religious beliefs that you want to maintain both at home and at work, you should be allowed to do that and I do think that’s good idea.”

People can now report discrimination to the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services.

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