How would a shutdown impact you?

With the threat of a government shutdown looming tonight, many are wondering just how a shutdown would impact them.

Texas Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says that in many ways, you may not notice it. That is, unless you are planning to travel and need certain things.

“You probably can’t get a passport. The post office could be affected. Anything that you do that is a federal government office would not be open for that period of time,” Mackowiak explained.

It also raises questions about soldiers getting paid, but they won't be due for their next check until February first. There are also questions about Social Security. Mackowiak says while most things will still run normally, the shutdown will have an impact.

“It will be disruptive. There’s no question about it. It will be disruptive,” Mackowiak stated.

And like the last shutdown in 2013, if you were planning to go to a National Park, you might have to make different plans because many of them will be closed.

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