Texas' first Execution of 2018 is scheduled Tonight

It was supposed to happen in October, but there were complications.

TDCJ's Jason Clark says 55-year-old Anthony Shore gets the needle tonight in Huntsville.

"He is tied to four murders in and around Harris County through the 80s and 90s; he's also known as the 'Tourniquet Killer.'"

Shore forced an investigation when investigators found out he planned to take credit for the murder of a Montgomery County woman.

"Shore was going to try to take responsibility for a Montgomery County homicide, which he had no involvement in."

Texas executed seven last year and Shore was originally scheduled to be one of them.

"There are five executions scheduled thus far for this year with Shore being the first; four others are scheduled through March of this year."

The execution for Clinton Young, convicted of a 2001 murder near Midland, was stopped this week because of claims his co-defendant lied when he testified against Young.

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