Buckle up: market could be in for a bumpy ride

Following the Dow's surge to 26,000 earlier this week, before dropping, more people are optimistic of the potential to go even higher.

With the new tax plan enacted, there's been additional stimulus pumped back into the economy.

Some analysts predict the tax cuts will help the economy grow, support more stock gains and keep the jobless rate low.

Private Wealth Advisor Derrick Kinney said people are concerned if the market has gone too high, too fast.

“We do expect heightened levels of market volatility and investors, I think, should double buckle as it may feel like a roller coaster ride with double loops for the next several months,” said Kinney.

He said like in 2007-08, the market was very high just before it took a downturn.

Kinney added Bitcoin, the online alternative cryptocurrency, has done very well, but is now down 30-percent from its high.

“Bitcoin should only be invested in as a speculative investment. If investors realize they could lose money, and they’re okay with that, then that would be a consideration,” said Kinney.

Kinney said he’s cautiously optimistic.

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