Harvey to Resurface During Texas Primary

Hurricane Harvey could play a key role in the upcoming Texas primary elections.

Bill Miller, a GOP strategist with Austin-based HillCo Partners, believes Harvey will have more of an impact at the state level, especially between Land Commissioner George P. Bush and challenger Jerry Patterson.

“The big issues will be the recovery, and the number of voters you have in Southeast Texas, certainly Harris County and surrounding area, that's the vote-rich area for that race,” he says.

Even Gov. Greg Abbott's response to Harvey will be questioned, but Miller says that's why being the incumbent helps.

“People who already hold office typically are re-elected,” he says.  “It's the power of incumbency.  One, you know how to do it.  Two, you've raised money and generally already have money, and the governor is a good example, he's got probably close to $50 million in the bank.”

Whether or not Congress approves federal aid for Harvey could open the door for Democrats looking to fill Congressman Ted Poe's vacant seat, or even unseat Houston Republican John Culberson

Culberson's seat remains the biggest prize if he were unable to bring home federal dollars for flood victims.

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