Job Search Help

Job search is stressful at the least. A Career Builder survey reported that 38% of respondents replied that they found blind dates less stressful than looking for a new job!

Having a plan always helps. Rick McCain, Professional Recruiter at Liberty Group in Houston, says

“The best time to find a job is while you’re still employed.”

Here’s McCain’s advice for kicking off your job search while still enjoying a paycheck.

“Find people who do what you want to do at your competitors. Connect with them on LinkedIn and stay in touch.”

As for folks who are already unemployed, McCain says,

“Don’t procrastinate! The longer you’re out of work, the more potential employers will wonder why no one has hired you.  Make lists of your former competitors. Get in touch with the staff you want to work for and keep at it. Call at least 10 a day. When you run out, call them again.”

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