Houston woman goes viral for ‘Guns Up’ incident at Hobby

A 19-year old Houston woman attending Texas Tech got into some hot water for throwing up the ‘Guns Up’ sign at Hobby Airport recently. Diana Durkin tells KTRH she did it without even thinking.

“It’s kind of like a habit. It’s something that you do, a way to say hi, almost like if you’re an Aggie,” Durkin explained.

TSA pulled her out of the line at the airport and eventually let her go. Durkin Tweeted about the whole thing before her flight to Lubbock took off, and when she landed, she was amazed at what happened.

“I thought I’d get twenty likes. After the flight, it had over 5,000 likes. I thought it had to be a glitch,” she said.

But it was no glitch, and it has gotten thousands of more likes since then. And Durkin was even mentioned in a Tweet supporting her by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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